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International Workshop “Documentation, Interpretation, Preservation & Presentation”

The DIP&P Research Group, an international collaboration of researchers from Germany, Italy, Turkey and the UK, develops and tests new digital tools for the study of the ancient civilizations of Turkey, in particular the culture of the Hittites and the Hittite capital Hattuša-Boğazköy. The group includes archaeologists, architects, epigraphists, philologists and IT specialists who work in close collaboration with engineers, restoration specialists and museum authorities. The international workshop “Documentation, Interpretation, Preservation & Presentation. Innovative Digital Technologies in Ancient Near Eastern Archaeology, Epigraphy and Cultural Heritage Preservation” will be held at the University of Würzburg, Lehrstuhl für Altorientalistik, 24 to 26 March 2015 (see here for a complete programme). The lectures on Tue, 24 March, are open to the public. There is no participation fee, but informal prior registration is required (email Ms Ursula Kraft: l-altorientalistik@uni-wuerzburg.de).


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